Call to artists: Symphony Exhibition

Celebrating spiritual diversity in art and culture The art exhibition: Symphony focuses on the spiritual aspect of human experience, with an emphasis on unity in diversity. ‘Unity in diversity’ is a concept of “unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation”. It focuses on the idea that diversity enriches human interactions. “We are all the leavesContinue reading “Call to artists: Symphony Exhibition”


An exploration of the spiritual in art. Celebrating diversity in spiritual expression through visual art, performance and workshops. An exhibition featuring IAVA artists Moira Kirkwood, Robert Reid, Greer Taylor, Kate Stehr, Liz Jeneid, Libby Bloxham and Alena Kennedy. Plus artists Sr. Veronica Chandler, Wendy Dening, Shining Rainbow, Lorraine Allen, Mardijah Simpson and Rosa Daniela Diaz. Guest Speaker: Mitchell Reese When: FridayContinue reading “Insight”