Sculptural Felt International | Wollongong Art Gallery

Sculptural Felt International is now on at Wollongong Art Gallery until 29th November. Curated by Kitty Korver of The Netherlands. It  showcases 12 international artists, who cross the usual boundaries between felt and another disciplines techniques, materials or concepts; thereby bringing felt into a contemporary context. The intriguing works in this exhibition range from large architecturalContinue reading “Sculptural Felt International | Wollongong Art Gallery”

Sculptural Felt International | Anita Larkin

7th September – 30th November 2014 “Sculptural Felt International …we felt like crossing borders” is an exhibition curated by Kitty Korver of The Netherlands. The exhibition will open in The Netherlands in September 2014 and then travel to Australia in 2015. It brings together the work of innovative artists from around the world, bridging theContinue reading “Sculptural Felt International | Anita Larkin”