She’s having a party!

Daisy is having a home coming party next Friday 16 October @ 4pm Please come along, she would love to see all her beautiful friends. She is getting her first coat of paint from the wonderful Kiama based artists Jamie Cole ( and Becky Guggisberg ( The design is being kept under wraps until theContinue reading “She’s having a party!”

** Breaking News**

Kiama Cow Scandal ** Nude photos released to public** Nude photos of Daisy the Decorated (or rather undecorated) Cow were leaked to the public today. Daisy advised Council that her personal computer and FB account were hacked and the photos released onto the world wide web via her FB page. Police are currently workingContinue reading “** Breaking News**”

Daisy’s new coat

Seeking a professional artist to donate their time to paint Daisy the Cow, the week 5 to 12 October. Daisy the Decorated Dairy Cow is currently undergoing surgery and will upon her return need two new coats of paint. The first coat will be a part of an exclusive photography session with one of Daisy’sContinue reading “Daisy’s new coat”

KISSing Daisy

Daisy the Decorated Dairy Cow’s chap stick sure got a work out last week after all the smooches she received during the KISS Arts Festival. Have a look at the photos below and see if you can spot any familiar faces. Now Daisy’s in need of a different kind of lovin’. Donations for her repairsContinue reading “KISSing Daisy”

Daisy KISSing Chain

This is me having a bit of a smooch with my stable mate Louise. As part of the KISS Arts Festival I have offered my services to help promote this awesome event and along with my own fundraising activities. So come on down, give me a KISS, take a photo of it and send yourContinue reading “Daisy KISSing Chain”

Daisy the Cow | Video Release

I thought it was time to release my first music video. While there aren’t any fancy dance moves, an old girl on a skateboard can only do so much, I am hoping it comes close to rating up there with Gangman Style. So everyone just mooooove to the grooooove any old which way you like.Continue reading “Daisy the Cow | Video Release”