Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists Submissions

St Vincent’s Hospital is inviting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to submit an original artwork that will form the basis of our Aboriginal visual identity. This is great opportunity to become a part of our commitment to improving health outcomes and linking St Vincent’s to our  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities. Dalarinji brief

Howard Jones on Aboriginal Art

Wednesday 4 September, 7.30pm in the Family History Centre On 4 September our local guest speaker will be Howard Jones talking about and showing examples of Aboriginal art. Howard will address the common misconception that Australia has no worthy historical basis of artistic creation and will explore the rich diversity of traditional and contemporary AboriginalContinue reading “Howard Jones on Aboriginal Art”

AiT Cultural Tourism NPWS

AiT and National Parks Wildlife Services NSW are seeking to deliver a non-accredited Cultural Tourism Program over a period of two weeks with Indigenous community members of Gerringong and the Dharawal Nation The workshop includes exploring potential local Cultural Heritage Tourism opportunities, whilst also introducing participants to Tourism and Hospitality industries and career pathways KeyContinue reading “AiT Cultural Tourism NPWS”