Daisy the Decorated Dairy Cow

IMG_20140403_124033Daisy the Decorated Dairy Cow has been an institution within the Kiama community since 1991. Daisy is located at the Old Fire Station Community Arts Centre in Terralong Street, Kiama and is ‘out on show’ whenever an exhibition is open at the centre.

Daisy’s coat of paint is changed throughout the year by local residents and artists who give her a life and personality of her own. She is frequently photographed by locals and tourists alike and can be seen around the world via the internet.

Want to paint Daisy?

Daisy the Cow is an ongoing community public artwork available for anyone to paint. She is free to apply your artwork to, but you will need to supply your own paint.

Information about painting Daisy can be found on this Information for Artists and if you would like to book to paint her you can find the Booking Form here.

Fast facts

  • Daisy was ‘born’ in 1991 and is modelled on a real Illawarra Shorthorn cow named ‘Meadowhaven Daisy the 47th’, bred and owned by local farmer Tom Walsh.
  • Daisy was sculptured by Italian-born artist Ernesto Murgo.
  • Daisy’s ‘bones’ are made of wire and paper mache, and her ‘flesh’ was made of plaster and sisal.
  • Daisy was refurbished in 2015 and now has a coat of kevlar and fibreglass.
  • Daisy’s artwork is generally not planned and local artists and community groups paint her as they see fit.
  • Daisy sleeps in the Old Fire Station at night, and is on display in front of the Old Fire Station during the day.

Are you interested in painting Daisy? Read our information for Daisy artists and fill in our booking form.


Daisy has her own Facebook page. ‘Like’ Daisy’s page and keep up-to-date with her antics and commentary on the Kiama arts community.

Daisy products

Council has published a Biography of Daisy’s life featuring many of her painted incarnations. The book is available for purchase for $15 at Kiama Library.


Being a versatile cow, Daisy also has her own music video!

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