My Happy Place

“My Happy Place” online workshop launching soon!

I’m SO excited to be launching my online mixed media art course called “My Happy Place – Perfectly Imperfect Landscape Painting.” All going well it will launch next month, so not long now!

Many of you have been witness to the evolution of this workshop, as seen in a very colourful body of work which was showcased at the ‘My Happy Place’ solo exhibition at The Art Bar Kiama last year. Each and every piece in this exhibition was lovingly created as I tested and refined all 20 lessons of this workshop content. This was soon followed by the first ‘My Happy Place’ face-to-face workshop here at my home-based studio in Kiama in 2019, and now finally to an online offering a whole year later. It’s been quite the journey!

This course will show you step-by-step how to create a multi-layered paint-and-collage based artwork. But it’s so much more than that… My Happy Place is about helping you to find you own creative confidence – in art making and beyond. By teaching my signature “perfectly imperfect” approach, I’ll show you how to unlock your creativity and share your artistic voice with the world. 

Join the mailing list here for more information on the courses launch date in next month’s newsletter, and experience this online course jam-packed with tips, techniques and tools needed to create your very own “My Happy Place” on canvas. 

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