Notice of Kiama Jamberoo Community Music Association 2020 AGM

While COVID-19 Pandemic has put the Associations activities into hibernation for the last 6-months – except for the board who have held a number of meetings to keep the organisation idling along. The time has now come to run the 2020 AGM, which is planned for the 1st of September 2020

As per the Constitution, the Board will be standing down and nominations are being asked for the following positions

  • Public Officer.- (Chairperson)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer.
  • Board Member (4)

The current Public Officer, Vice Public Officer and Secretary do not intend to nominate for re-election.

Would you like to become a board member?

To nominate as a board member you need:

  1. To make your nomination by completing this simple form by July 31. LINK
  2. To be a current member of KJCMA*

Please nominate for a position if you feel you are interested in furthering the aims of the organisation.

Without sufficient members on the Board the Association will no longer be able to fulfil its purpose.

*We will let you know if you are not currently financial and will contact you if required.

Nominate Here

How will the voting work?

The AGM will be held via Zoom on 1st September at 7:00pm. (Separate notice)

Voting will be open for members of KJCMA who are currently financial and be completed prior to the meeting. We will issue another communication similar to this outlining the background and aspirations of the nominees and the positions for which they have nominated.

Voting will be electronic or postal when requested.

Reflections on KJCMA

Looking Forwards….   Looking Back…..

The Kiama Jamberoo Community Music Association grew out of an initiative of the Kiama Jamberoo Uniting Church trying to find new ways to connect with and serve the local communities. As a small group researched how that might happen, one thing kept coming up – many people in this area love music and want to be involved in musical activities – after all the Illawarra Folk Festival began right here in Jamberoo.

Anna Ambrose, who had been involved in similar projects in the Southern Highlands, began the process by applying for funding to set up the Association. Over the last couple of years a number of different groups have formed and moved and morphed as various events were planned and interests developed.

Covid-19 impacted all our lives and all Music Association activities were suspended in mid March.

As things are moving forward, the question now is what happens with the Music Association? Are the pre Covid groups keen to begin to meet again? What structures would need to be in place for that to happen? It is a logical time to look at what has happened so far and consider what direction the association might take into the future. We are entering a new financial year and it is still unclear when activities will be able to recommence. We only have to look at the the recent outbreak in Victoria to see how quickly things can change! At this point we need a new Public Officer and several other new committee members for the Association to be viable.

The original drivers for the formation of the Association are still present and current. These are the opportunities for community combined with the passion for music.

This Association has organised a number of enjoyable events and ensembles. It would be great for them to continue on into the future. Website

If you have a vision for these kinds of activities, please nominate for any of the positions. Continuing the current format is not essential.

If you would like to discuss possibilities, contact Greg on 0409 047 123


If we do not receive sufficient interest to form a new Board then the current board will wind down KJCMA operations, including:

  • Deregistering
  • Finalising accounts
  • Distributing remaining funds.
  • Removing web presence.

Let’s hope this does not have occur

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