‘LUMINOUS’ an exhibition by Peter Solness

August 6 – September 2020
Since 2006 Peter Solness has worked exclusively as a photographic light painter, a method of photography that requires working in complete darkness, setting long camera shutter exposures, then ‘drawing’ surreally beautiful images using small hand-held torches.
Peter is regarded as a pioneer in this genre, winning multiple awards, (including the NSW Parliamentary Landscape Photography Prize twice) being collected by public institutions and applauded by peers and critics alike. Peter has taught the techniques of light painting to thousands of students at national art and photography festivals, schools and tertiary institutions. He has also completed a number of artist residencies around the country including a one-month residency in the historic artist town of Hill End in 2016.
This exhibition showcases the defining images of this art practice and features landscape, portrait, heritage and still life studies. This is a unique opportunity to witness the inspirational work of an acclaimed and much loved Australian photographer.
Peter will also be holding a free artist talk during the exhibition on Saturday 19 September at 2pm
Open Times:

  • Thursday 5 – 9PM
  • Friday and Saturday 12 – 3 and 5 – 10PM
  • Sunday 12 – 6PM

Contact: Peter Solness
Email: psolness@optusnet.com.au
Phone: 0413 304 889
Website: http://www.illuminated-landscape.com

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