Belinda Aucott: Herbarium

Unearthing Beauty At The Table

Australian illustrator Belinda Aucott invites wine, food and flowers lovers to enjoy sketches from her Autumn & Winter table.

Belinda’s show was so well received that we have asked her back for more! The show is already selling super well – download the catalogue via the button below and contact for any sales enquiries or for a weekday viewing.

Drawn from a sparkling range of aperitifs and digestifs collected on her blog Champagne Republic, and from the vases amassed on her table during lock down – Work Life Berry presents colourful new work by Belinda Aucott.

Illustrations, paintings and works on board includes images of oysters and urchins. There are also impressionistic depictions of gin, Campari and Amaro created in pastel, ink and acrylic.

Floral works include arrangements of delphiniums, orchids and wild poppies. 

“Winter is such an interesting time to be at home drawing fresh cut flowers. You bring them inside to give yourself a piece of their untamed wild nature and then you accidentally kill them with the radiated heat of your living room,” reflects Belinda. 

“A perfect metaphor for relationships, that start wild and get contaminated by every day arrangements.”

“Champagne Republic as a whole, is a project that charts the months and measures them in bottles tasted, glasses sipped and memories consumed. It is about my personal effort to take time to smell the roses and to really appreciated every single drop of life. I hope others will enjoy these images that remind me of happy times spent with friends,”

Works Spaces Available

1 Office Suite Available

WorkLife Kiama currently has one 2-person Office Suite available.

In this post-COVID climate, there is no doubt that the hot-money is on flexible, low-risk rental and dedicated spaces. 

With the other 3 office suites locked up in long term membership agreements, if you have been considering upgrading or downsizing – now is the time to jump! This opportunity won’t last long. 

Your own office for $350 p/w all inclusive.


2 Hubs Available

WorkLife Kiama currently has 2 Hubs available – each able to sit 2 people.

Not quite as private as your own office- but with your own walls, desk, storage and surrounded with greenery- these are perfect for programmers wanting to spread out with their gear, creatives wanting to personalise their space or for those who prefer to knuckle down in their own work-bubble with a few less distractions. 

HUBS ARE $250 p/w all inclusive.


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