South Coast Ceramics

South Coast Ceramics has emerged from three independent South Coast Ceramic Artists collaborating to create a central website that allows customers to choose options for classes, studio access and handmade ceramics according to their individual needs. 

They say the universe is a perfect place and in our case it was.

Almost 3 years ago, Zeynep @gerroapotterystudio set up her home studio in Gerroa and was attending the Gerringong Markets regularly to sell her work. At the beginning of 2018, Donna @crooked_river_pottery met Zeynep at the markets and told her story about not having touched clay for over 20 years. Zeynep encouraged Donna to come and create in her studio, use the facilities and just enjoy pottery again.

Fran @kiamaceramicartstudio too, had recently moved into the area and happened upon the studio to come and continue working with clay whilst she got settled. Late in 2018, when Zeynep needed major ankle surgery, both Donna and Fran agreed to keep her studio operational while she recovered.

Then as Zeynep’s ankle improved, Donna and Fran started on their own ventures to open their own studios. The beginning of 2020, saw their dream and vision to open their own independent studios come to fruition . All three of us have enjoyed working together for almost 18 months so we thought of a way to keep collaborating.

After all, isn’t that what it’s all about, women supporting women? ‘There’s enough room for all of us’ is what Zeynep’s been saying every time someone asks about competition. We just know this is the beginning of something great for the South Coast!

KIAMA, Kiama Ceramic Art Studio, Frances Smith  


GERROA, Gerroa Pottery Studio, Zeynep Testoni 


NORTH NOWRA, Crooked River Pottery, Donna Weatherby


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