SeeChange 2020 Online

Vanessa Barbay. Falling (Spring Kookaburra) 2020

Making Community

Although this winter Jervis Bay and Basin Arts has not been able to stage a physical version of the SeeChange Festival due to COVID-19, we are pleased we have been able to create an online gallery to exhibit and sell work by Shoalhaven artists and makers. 

We warmly Invite you to visit SeeChange 2020 Online, view the Making Community Exhibition and vote in the People’s Choice Award. Browse and buy a wonderfully diverse range of visual art, small sculpture and crafted objects – every purchase supports local artists and makers. Vote for the work you most admire. The winner by popular vote receives $500. View until 30 September / Vote by 31 August

Visit SeeChange 2020 Online

We sincerely thank our sponsors for supporting SeeChange 2020. In particular, we would like to acknowledge Shoalhaven City Council for providing additional financial support from the Bushfire Community Resilience and Economic Recovery Fund.

Summer of Fire

Even before COVID-19 forced SeeChange 2020 into an online format this winter, our community’s arts festival had already been radically changed by the impacts of the summer’s devastating bushfires in the Shoalhaven. Unsurprisingly, the fires are a powerful and recurring theme for artists exhibiting in Making Community. Take some time to delve into the exhibition, read what the artists have to say about their work and their experiences in the summer of fire.

Christopher Jansch
This current body of work records the traumatic experiences of being directly affected by the devastating Currowan bushfires at Conjola Park on New Year’s Eve. Apart from loosing my home and everything in it, I also lost my studio and many irreplaceable artworks.

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Richard Morecroft
The Burn, 2020.
Mixed media – acrylic, bitumen, stone and aluminium on marine ply. 60cm x 90cm.

There can be a strange beauty in destruction. Fire reduces the immense complexity of a living system to the grim architecture of glowing carbon and drifting smoke. But the structural ghosts of what existed before are still implicit in whatever remains.

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Julie Cunningham
Restoria Botanica, 2020.
Limited Edition Digital Collage Print. 50cm x 72cm unframed.

After the fires I felt the need to make this work celebrating the regenerative powers of nature using photographs I have taken in the Shoalhaven.

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