HERE + NOW Exhibition

Wollongong Art Gallery are looking for artists under 30 years old with a connection to the Illawarra to participate in an exhibition at Wollongong Art Gallery in September-November 2020 called ‘HERE + NOW’.

The ‘HERE + NOW’ exhibition will communicate and engage with current scientific and social issues that our generation is currently working with and passionate about.

The aim for this exhibition is to be a form of activism (this can be gentle or forceful!). The experience will be educational and thought provoking for the public to rethink social, scientific and ecological challenges we are facing as a global community. 
The Gallery is especially interested in involving any artists who create artworks related to science, ecology, health, psychology, gender and spirituality.

Artists that are chosen will be paid for their work in this project.

Indigenous artists are encouraged to apply

The total amount of artists in this exhibition will be 5-8.   

Please send images, your artist statement about the concept behind your artwork to with your full name by the 1st April 2020.

It can still be a work in progress, however a completed work is preferred.

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