Gerringong Pics And Flicks

Gerringong Town Hall

Friday 1 November 2019

The versatile Adèle Haenel stars in this amiable, silly, and sparky French cops ‘n’ criminals comedy from director Pierre Salvadori.

Yvonne (Adèle Haenel), a police officer on desk duty who discovers, two years after the death of her cop husband Santi (Vincent Elbaz) that he was far from the crusading hero he’s literally memorialised as. In fact, Santi was deeply corrupt and took bribes to finance his extravagent lifestyle.

How will his widow now deal with this, and with the innocent man who was imprisoned for years for her husband’s crime.

Haenel’s role is a mercurial one, full of opportunities for Clouseau-esque following sequences, mistaken identity mixups, and bumbling acts of well-meaning quirk. But there’s something resolutely un-ditzy about the actress, with her matter-of-fact sexiness and earthy intelligence grounding even the screenplay’s most contrived moments. It is a pleasure to watch her face as she works things out.

Tickets  at the door only $10 each.
Multi movie passes and annual memberships also available.
Doors open 7.20pm.
Film starts 8pm.

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