Symbology Exhibition | Fern Street Gallery

A Solo Exhibition by Resident Artist Vanessa Anderson, titled “Symbology”. will run for FOUR DAYS ONLY. You will be able to experience Vanessa’s beautiful paintings full of stories portraying concepts of the human experience, transformation and healing.

Open from Thursday 19th – Sunday 22nd September:
Monday-Wednesday: Closed.
Thursday & Friday 10am-5pm + Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm.

“Each of my paintings tells a story using a personal quirky language of symbolic images be they landscape, building or creatures. They are a visual communication of power and vulnerability that celebrates the dark and light in life” . Read more here about Vanessa’s exhibition & profile.

Opening hours 16th September – 22nd September 2019
Monday to Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday and Friday 10am-5pm,
Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm

New Resident Artist

New Resident Artist Lissa de Sailles at the Fern Street Gallery. Lissa was recently awarded the 2019 Veolia Mulwaree Trust Creative Arts Scholarship and Fern Street Gallery are excited to now have a very talented basketry artist on their amazing team. You can read more about Lissa and her work here, and see it in the White Room group exhibition at the gallery with works by all Resident Artists. 

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