Whats on at SVES

Join the Illawarra Folk Club as they welcome singers Evan Buckley and Teri Young to the Shellharbour Village Exhibition Space for a relaxed afternoon performance on Saturday 13 July. 

Canberrian songwriter Evan Buckley from The Burley Griffin (Canberra) writes post-religious folk hymns born of an isolated childhood and refined on hitch hiking adventures and nationwide tours of Australia and the USA. This July he’ll be celebrating and sharing the creation of his third album of songs. 

Teri Young is an award-winning songwriter who makes romantico-politico songs about real Australian communities, peculiar experiences, and all kinds of love. “Teri Young sings with the rare kind of authenticity that has me believing and hanging on every word. Hers is music with the grit and spark of life in it, the wisdom of lived experience, the endearing charm of unvarnished honesty, the raw real thing.” ‚Äč- Scott Cook, Canadian folksinger The two folksingers will be playing together, joined by a shared quest to ramble through society’s shambles, unscrambling our culture and the human psyche along the way. 

For more information please contact the Illawarra Folk Club on 1300 887 034 or info@illawarrafolkclub.org.au

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