Nights on Crown | Luminous Land

20-22 June | 6 – 9pm

Nights on Crown: Luminous Land is a time for us to celebrate our common human connection to nature, land, light and play…

This free event for all ages offers cutting edge live music ranging from acclaimed Australian singer and songwriter, Emma Donovan to experimental pop legends, Dream Dog. Experience creative performances that will make you want to dance in the street, play amongst the Story Trees or just sit back and enjoy the delicious food on offer.

Luminous Puppet – Marri Dyin
Enter a luminous landscape featuring Marri Dyin, meaning ‘Great Woman’ in Eora language, created by Erth Visual & Physical Inc.  Experience this incredible moment as she weaves her captivating story…

Illuminating the Crown Street Mall with her six metre high splendour, Marri Dyin is the magnificent creative centrepiece for Nights on Crown 2019. Her presence is a symbol of the coming together of people on the land of our oldest continually living culture. Each evening she will perform and move through the landscape, inviting children to sit with her and share their hopes and dreams for the future….

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