Gerringong Pics and Flicks | Breath

10th May 2019

Please note that, just for May, the Pics and Flicks film will be on the SECOND Friday of the month. This is because the Surf Life Festival will be using the Town Hall on our usual first Friday.

This wonderful Australian film will be screened by Surf Life and also by Pics and Flicks. 

Please note that your 10-tixs and annual memberships will only be accepted for entry to the screening on 10th May.

Breath, a profound Tim Winton adaptation that swirls with soul and beauty

Simon Baker’s directorial debut is poetic without being pretentious, capturing the natural beauty of the WA coast and the complexity of coming of age  

The natural beauty of the film’s coastal, Western Australian settings provides scope for symbolic interpretation. But like Winton’s novel, the film is unpretentiously profound, with a very Australian (and very cinematic) regard for allowing natural beauty to speak for itself. It is the rarest kind of sports movie, in that it will encourage in participants a different, thoroughly thoughtful perspective with which to view their pastime. Breath is a surfer film with soul and gravitas.  Luke Buckmaster, The Guardian, 3rd May 2018


Film commences at 8.00pm. 

Tickets available from 7.20pm. After the film, stay for our world famous Gerringong Pics and Flicks Tea, Coffee and Cakes ($4.00) and take the time to discuss the film or anything else you like in a relaxed social atmosphere.

Find us on: Facebook Gerringong Pics & Flicks 

And remember –  Yearly memberships are only $60. That’s 11 movies from date you sign up

10-ticket multi-use cards are only $80

Casual tickets at the door $10 ea.

So come get your kicks at Gerringong Pics & Flicks!!

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