Increase the Regional Arts Fund

We believe that 25 million Australians are better off when the 8.8 million Australians who live outside of the metropolitan cities are creative, productive and thriving individuals, contributing their unique perspectives to the national identity and making Australia a more culturally diverse nation. To better support the 8.8 million Australians in regional, remote and rural Australia, we need more resources. 

That’s why Regional Arts Australia is calling for an increase of at least $2 million per year to the Regional Arts Fund.

To do this, we need your support. We need you to energise your communities and in the lead up to the federal election, let our elected representatives know that regional arts matter and that the RAF deserves to be increased.

Ways to get involved:

  • If you would like a Vote 1 Regional Arts pack sent out for you to proudly display and distribute, send an email to and we will pop one in the post for you. Each pack includes postcards, badges and bumper stickers.
  • Share your support for increasing the RAF on social media. Download our GIFs and images from our website and use the hashtags #regionalarts #vote1regionalarts and #thinkremotetogetourvote.
  • Contact the Minister for the Arts, Shadow Minister for the Arts and your local member and let them know that regional arts matters and that the RAF deserves to be increased. You can download template letters from our website.  

Visit our website for more information

We need your support to better support regional, remote and rural arts. In the lead up to the upcoming federal election, let our politicians know that regional arts matters.

Regional Arts Australia is the key national body representing those working with and for the arts in regional and remote Australia. 

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