Culture Bank Wollongong

Cultural Bank are super pleased to announce that they have had a website make over.

It is much slicker and working so much better.

Go and check it out:

We would also really appreciate if you could flick the link to anyone you know who would consider signing on as a member – TODAY! As you would already know, we certainly need more members and are as always, asking you to help us.

Ali Jane Smith will be reading a handful of her poems that she wrote for the Omnibus series, which was previously funded by Culture Bank.

This will take place on the 27 March 2018 at Puckeys Night Market. We will have a sign up stall and we will also be giving an Omnibus artwork away to a lucky Culture Bank member.

If you are interested in being in the drawer for the prize, please email us. We are doing it this way, so only someone who really wants it can win it.

We have just announced another funding round which opens on 1st April and closes at 6pm 30th April 2019.

If you think you might be interested in attending the next Decision Dinner, scheduled for 9th May at 6pm please let us know. Also, if anyone is interested in hosting this event, please put your hand up. Attendees will contribute a dish or beverages, so don’t feel like it will be all up to you to cater for it (unless you want to).

It is really exciting to have another funding round pending. We can’t wait to read about the creative ideas our city has this time!!

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