2019 Artists Lineup – Illawarra Folk Festival

The 2019 Illawarra Folk Festival acts have been selected. There are 75 new acts out of 155!


Albi & The Wolves NZ, Coral Reid UK, Dana Sipos CAN, Dennis J Leise USA, Fru Skaggerak SWEDEN, Irish Mythen CAN, Jenny Mitchell NZ, Ken Field’s Hoot Band USA, Lindsay Lou USA, Mensch, Monique! GERMANY, Moussa Diakite and Wassado MALI, Sophie & Fiachra IRE/CAN, The Fretless CAN, Winter Wilson UK

Feature Acts

Emily Wurramara, Ted Egan, Mission Songs Project, Ballpoint Penguins, Broads, Cigany Weaver, Cloudstreet, Co-cheol, Gleny Rae Virus & her Playboys, Hello Tut Tut, Highlander, Jodi Martin Band, Kate Pass Kohesia Ensemble, Liam Gerner, Matt Katsis, Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, Michael Waugh, Miriam Lieberman Trio, Rob Longstaff, Sarah Humphreys, The Long Johns, The Pigs

National Acts

Anna & Jordan, Ballpoint Penguins, Black Joak Morris, Brent Parlane, Broads, Bundeena Ramshackle Orkestra, Bush Music Club Concert Party, Chloe & Jason Roweth Band, Cigany Weaver, Cloudstreet, Co-cheol, Daddy Longlegs & the Swamp Donkeys, Dave de Hugard, Dela, Emily Wurramara, Fly Little Sparrow, Frank Povah, Gleny Rae Virus & her Playboys, Handsome Young Strangers, Hardey McMurrick Two, Heart to Heart Storytelling, Hello Tut Tut, Highlander, JimmyBay, Jodi Martin Band, Junior, Kate Pass Kohesia Ensemble, Khristian Mizzi, Klara Zubonja, Liam Gerner, Linda Mizzi, Mad Kelpie Playdate, Mariah McCarthy, Matt Katsis, Maypole with Molly, Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, Michael Waugh, Mike Martin, Miriam Lieberman Trio, Mission Songs Project, Narrownecks, Niq Reefman, Oh Reach, On The Stoop, Orkeztar Lizmoré, Peter Anderson, Peter Vadiveloo, Peter Willey, Rachel Collis, Ramblin’ Ash, Redfern Shanty Club, Richard Lawson, Rob Longstaff, Rusty & The Saint, Saplings Sessions Bush Music Club, Sarah & Silas, Sarah Humphreys, Solidarity Choir, Steel City Sue, Super Rats, Suzette Herft, Ted Egan, The Anecdote, The Bottlers, The Last Aurochs, The Long Johns, The Pie Eaters, The Pigs, The String Family, The Thomsons, The Weird Ticket, Tin Star, Union Choirs, Zumpa

Spoken Word

Brian Bell, Dingo’s Breakfast Oz Music & Poetry Band, Gabrielle Journey Jones, Peter Mace, Ralph Scrivens, Robyn Sykes, Russell Hannah, Stonybroke

Local Acts

Beatmeisters, Cabbage Tree Combo, Capricornia, Carefree Road Band, Carl Webster, Chinese Lion Dance, Chord-eaux, Cinnamon Twist Belly Dance, Circus WOW, Cranky Frank,  Curious Rendition Orchestra, Denis McKay, Dirt Road Days, Egypsy, Erika Steller and Fiona Davis Yoga, Gobsmacked!, Graeme Clark, Hello Harry, Illawarra Nature Story Songs, Jocean, Joe Gander, Kay Proudlove, Kenny Bartley/Super Kenny, King and Queen of Green, Late Night Sing Song Session., Lizzie Bennet, Macabre Sisters, Maria Wang and Friends, Mem Davis, Patrick Lyons & The Band of American Creek, Ralph Graham, Ruido Flamenco, rUKEas, Sally Forth, Silver Lotus Tribal Bellydance, SingGongGo, Steampunk Vagabonds, Story Beats, Swing Booty, The Brad Douglas Review, The Con Artists, The Derby Dolls, The Groove, The Guilty Three, The High Country, The Swingaleles, The Water Runners, Tia Juana, Vic Janko Orkestar, Wolf Gordon, Zlatkos Balkan Cabaret

Youth Acts

Folkaphonic Youth Folk Orchestra, Abigail Wighton, Adam Warren, Allegra Dunning, Dear Violet, Giles Robinson, James and Jackson, Mother Banshee, Paddy & The Wonderband, Shalani, The Bearded Cat, The Fossickers

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