Folk by the Sea Festival | Volunteer 1st Aiders

If you have a current First Aid certificate, have a few hours to spare on the weekend 21-23 September and would like a free pass to the Folk by the Sea Festival, then read below from the organisers:

If anyone is interested they will be asked to carry a Festival phone and be on call for a total of 6 hours during the festival spread over the day or days.

If there is any medical emergency they will be immediately contacted and need to either go to the First Aid office or site of the emergency.

 In the history of the festival over the past 5 years the worst thing that has happened has been a foreign body in an eye.

As you are probably aware we have a fully set up First Aid room on site.

 If anyone wishes to volunteer and is not able to commit to six hours over the weekend we are willing to discuss other options. 

 They will however in exchange for volunteering receive a free pass for the whole weekend.

 I am more than happy to talk to anyone who wishes to volunteer.

Contact Judy 0438 282 232

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