Old Masters Technique with Megan Seres Term Class in Oil Painting (Still Life)

In this 8-week course, students will be encouraged to develop a personal style with hands on guidance from Moran Prize Winner, Megan Seres. Megan will cover everything you need to know about oil painting including surface preparation, types of brushes to use,  underpainting, layering, colour theory, composition, how to create depth, glazing and finally how to photograph your work.

​You will be guided from start to finish in how to produce a beautiful still life painting, learning techniques and tips along the way.  Suitable for both beginners to advanced or to artists who wish to explore oils.

​This class is Workshop 1 in a series of 4 term workshops and will be the basis for the techniques used in the whole series.  Following this class will be Workshop 2 – Landscape, and then Workshop 3 – Portraiture and finishing off with Workshop 4 – Abstract, with a view to exhibiting works in both Kiama and Sydney on completion.

​To book: email info@kiamaartworkshops.com.au or call Rhonda on 0438 359 595

Click here for materials list                                   Click here for course outline

*excluding Monday August 6th

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