Kisstopia @ the KISS Arts Festival

bhi KISStopia-1Thanks BHI! Check out the model of the Arts Centre!

It would be wonderful if our creative community could give some thought to making something for KISStopia.  People can make ahead of time and bring it along on Saturday or Sunday or come to the creative workshop on this Friday between 12:00 noon – 2pm and of course during the Festival Saturday and Sunday 11am – 4pm.

It will be amazing to see everyone’s vision of our area. What else do we need? What do people want to see developed here? I encourage our community of artists to take up the challenge and create in cardboard!!


  • Scale is based roughly on a cereal or shoe box. Footprint up to 40cm x 40cm.
  • If possible if boxes can be plain/turned inside out, re-fixed and then decorated.
  • Flaps at the bottom edge help us to fix onto the cardboard street plan.
  • Ideas can be fanciful or practical! This is a fun exercise to get everyone thinking about a future Kiama and local area!
  • more info on the KISSarts Fest webpage


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