Jamberoo Music Festival

Jamberoo Music FestivalThe Jamberoo Music Festival team are super psyched to have the incredible Nathan Cavaleri join us for our first year!!

One of the team caught Nathan ripping it up @ The Rhythm Hut in Gosford and they just KNEW they had to get him!

Early bird tix available – https://www.jamberoomusicfestival.com/online-store

Nathan Cavaleri solidified his place as a guitarist in the music industry collaborating with the likes of Jimmy Barnes, Tommy Emmanuel and Diesel at ten, who all appeared on his 1993 debut album Jammin’ With the Cats. He made his way to the USA where we was signed to Michael Jackson’s label, after a bidding war between the labels of Madonna and Prince.

He went on to tour with blues legend B.B King and perform with Bonnie Raitt, Dr John, Etta James and Joe Lewis Walker at King’s Presidential Award Ceremony – and that was by age fifteen!

Recently, Nathan spent five years off the stage addressing the types of mental health challenges that plague many. Not only did his battles bring a new purpose to playing music, but it ignited a passion to share the challenges and feats that many of us identify with.

Contrasting to the epic life Nathan has lead to date, his re-entry to the stage will be one of an intimate and personal nature with a new record on the way and a tour of songs and tales.

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