Womens a cappella choir


The point of Katandra is simple!

It’s wonderful to be involved in a refreshing and energetic format where women can have fun, develop new skills, sing out and become friends.

Katandra means ‘song of the birds’. It is a word from the Gurangai language spoken by the traditional people of the Northern Beaches area in Sydney. The name is ideally suited to our beautiful South Coast environs… and a perfect name for a womens a cappella choir!

2018-04-20 11_44_52-Katandra Kiama May 2018 (Page 13).pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DCFounded in July 2017 by experienced choral director – Antoinette Raynal, Katandra’s  focus is on supporting women both within the choir and in the greater community. Antoinette loves seeing the joy and satisfaction someone has when they sing as part of a live and energetic choral sound. Music enriches who we are and what we do. She believes that with the right company, music and experience, magic really does happen!

Repertoire is chosen from a wide range of musical styles including Jazz, Pop, Medieval, Folk and World Music, so everyone will find something that they can enjoy. What determines the music chosen to be sung is that it must be a beautiful song, a great arrangement of parts, fun to sing and include vocal skill building features.

Katandra is different from other choirs because rehearsals use a broader dynamic structure. Aside from vocal warm ups, members also learn about vocal technique, music composition and performance. These are work shopped through interactive musical activities. Everyone mingles and can explore their own voice qualities in small group exercises. Apart from being a lot of fun, this is a certain way to quickly boost vocal confidence and build musical ability.

The musical arrangements are well designed and online rehearsal recordings encourage easy learning of the music at all skill levels. Members can practice these music recordings at home, load them onto their phone, play them in the car,on walks… or whatever works for best for them!

During 2017 we have performed concerts in the Berry Hotel Beer Garden and Camberwarra Winery.


  • All fees paid by members are held in an independent Katandra Bank account.
  • Costs associated with supporting the choir, copy right, music purchases, etc. are paid from this account.
  • Proceeds from all Katandra performances are donated to women’s initiatives in our area.
  • Management and conducting services of the choir by Antoinette are donated in her capacity as Musical Director.

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