KATANDRA womens a cappella Kiama

KATANDRA womens a cappella Kiama begins on May 3rd!

Antoinette Raynal is an experienced Choir conductor who began Katandra Berry in July last year. She explains, “Katandra means ‘song of the birds and our name is ideally suited to this beautiful South coast area and a perfect name for a women’s a cappella choir– (or singing without musical accompaniment to you and me! )”

She understands the positive impact music can have on a person. “ I wanted to share my love of music in Katandra and focus on supporting women both within the choir and in the greater community.” To this end, proceeds from all Katandra performances are donated to local women’s initiatives.

Carol Hammond from Raine and Horne and Katandra Alto
comments. “I love the company and am constantly amazed at how quickly the songs come together and sound fantastic”..

Soprano Libby Matthews proprietor of ‘Bamboozle’ puts it simply as, “the joy of singing just makes me feel good”.

Antoinette says Katandra is different because rehearsals use a dynamic structure. They do vocal warm ups but also learn vocal techniques and aspects of voice production. Everyone mingles and workshops through various musical activities. Apart from being a lot of fun, she says that this is a certain way to quickly boost vocal confidence and build musical ability. With beautiful repertoire from a wide range of musical styles including Jazz, Pop, Medieval, Folk and World Music, everyone can find something that they can enjoy. No audition is necessary.

Online rehearsal recordings make it easy to learn the music at any skill level and the musical arrangements are great. You can practice these music recordings at home, load them onto your phone and take them with you in the car, on your walks… whatever works for you!

The point of Katandra is simple…..
It’s wonderful to be involved in a refreshing and energetic format where women can have fun, develop new skills, sing out and become friends. So remember, if you can talk you can sing…

Katandra Women’s a cappella choir begins in Kiama on May 3rd with a free introductory evening!

7.00 – 9.00 p.m. at The Uniting Church Hall, Crn. of Manning and Bong Bong streets. Kiama.

To register your interest
please phone 0413 491 959 or email antraynal@bigpond.com
Or just drop in – we’d love to see you there!

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