Arts Honour Roll | Open

Kiama Council’s Arts Honour nomination round is now open

There are individual artists, of all genres and arts mediums, from the Kiama community who make important contributions to the Municipality and who excel within their chosen field.

These individuals are or have been an important part of the cultural tapestry and history of the Kiama local government area and bring honour and recognition to our community.

The Kiama Arts Honour Roll, established in 2013, provides a process for honouring their outstanding achievements.

Nominees must:

  • have achieved excellence in the arts
  • have made a significant contribution to arts practice
  • be worthy of honour, and
  • live or have lived in the Kiama local government area (can include childhood years), for at least ten years, as their principal place of residence; and/or
  • have a strong, enduring connection with the Kiama local government area.

Successful nominations for the Arts Honour Roll will be announced Monday 17 September 2018.

Nominations close | Midnight, Sunday 24 June 2018

Download Nomination Form here

Current Arts Honour Roll inductees are:

  • Lloyd Reece
  • Orry Kelly
  • Charmian Clift
  • Dennis Koks
  • John Downton, and
  • Eleanor Weston

If you have any questions regarding the Arts Honour Roll please call Council’s Community and Cultural Development Officer on (02) 4232 0549 or email

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