Lantern Making Workshop and parade for KISS

KISS Arts Fest 2018 is very excited to announce that the Lantern Making God Mr Phil Relf will return in an even bigger capacity in 2018 to give the KISS Arts Fest the biggest Lantern Parade this state has ever seen.

If that sounds amazing, then add this to the mix – when the Lantern Parade reaches it’s conclusion, a fire sculpture, of large lips suspended over the water at Black Beach will be set alight, to mark the beginning of the evenings festivities. Pretty cool.

Why do you need to know this?
Because we would like to invite local artists and parties interested in making some large lanterns to be part of a FREE Lantern Making workshop on the Friday 27th April on the festival site.

If you would like to part of making some large centre piece Lanterns for the Festival Parade, we ask you to register your interest via email to

In registering your interest you will also be asked to submit a design for a large lantern, preferably something that represents the KISS Arts Fest or the LGA of Kiama.

The Designs will then be reviewed for feasibility of construction and a number will be chosen. All interested parties will work together on making the large lanterns in a workshop held on the festival site on Friday 27th April. Phil will pre prepare the materials for quick and easy construction on the workshop day.

These gorgeous constructions will then be the centre pieces of this festival’s procession of light. This parade will symbolize the transition from the daytime to the evening events at KISS. During the day on the Saturday of the event all festival attendees will have an opportunity to make their own smaller lanterns to carry in the parade as well.

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