Willo Industries | Bats, Artists & an Exhibition

About Willo Industries

Will Clarke is a 21 year old man with Autism Spectrum Disorder, he cannot read or write and finds it challenging to communicate within a conversation. He and his parents have started a business called, Willo Industries which supports people with disabilities.

The business allows for creativity and connection with community and the arts.

Will loves and has played cricket since he was about 5, through Willo Industries he now refurbishes old cricket bats. The bats are then given to artists who create an artwork on it, after which the bats are auctioned. All monies raised goes back into Willo Industries, for more info have a look at the Willo Industries website www.willoindustries.com.au


24129950_10210573789729550_7504957554604841424_nKathryn O’Brien of Beachside Emporium currently have about 35 local established and emerging artists who are creating artwork each on a bat.

An exhibition and auction of the Kiama bats will be held at The Pavilion, Kiama , 17 January 2018

Any artists who would like to create an artwork on a bat can contact Kathryn at Beachside Emporium or Willo Industries hello@willoindustries.com.au


Willo is running out of cricket bats and are trying to source more for Will to refurbish. They must be old bats not new. If you have any old cricket bats that you would like to donate. They can be dropped into Beachside Emporium or arrangements can be made to collect them.

Kathyrn can be contacted via the form below:

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