Timebanking | Supporting Artists


A valuable resource for artists to share and trade skills for FREE!

Timebanking is an initiative to build stronger community connection and interaction. Designed to help build lasting relationships between its members the Timebanking program fosters this by encouraging members to share their skills with their community using time as currency.

It’s as simple as give an hour, receive an hour

By giving one hour of your time in service to another member or organisation and banking it on Timebanking, you earn one hour of time credits.

You can then use your credits to receive services that are of personal value to you from other Timebanking members, such as; dog walking, ironing, community gardening, website design, massage, language tuition, painting, administrative assistance, guitar lessons… you’re only restricted by your imagination.

You can also make offers of services you would like to give others. We all have a range of skills acquired over the years that maybe of value to someone else.

How it works

Join up by registering online.

Once you become a Timebanking member, you are able to search through all the offers of service and requests for assistance made by other members.

Each time you volunteer, log your hours on the system, you can then keep the hours to trade for offers of service by other Timebanking members or donate your hours to another member or the Community Chest.

Getting started with Timebanking

To join go to https://timebanking.com.au/home/Kiama

Download our step by step ‘how to’ guide here

For more information or assistance contact us at:

Email | timebanking@kiama.nsw.gov.au
Phone | (02) 4232 0444

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