Art Bar Exhibition | Hela Donela

Jamie and Bruce of the Little Blowhole Art Bar are very excited to introduce an exciting new contemporary artist to Kiama, the Jervis Bay based, Finland born artist Hela Donela.

In early 2013, Hela had a near-death accident which she says made her embrace her art. The accident literally woke her up, and made her realise the importance of pursuing what she loves. Hela describes her work as a path to visual meditation; a place for peaceful contemplation; a reminder of the beauty around us and an opportunity to be more authentic, “to be real”.

In “Flowers and Words” by Hela Donela at The Little Blowhole Art Bar, Hela asks that you immerse yourself in peaceful serenity, raw beauty and poetry. Hela has previously exhibited in Callala, Berry, Sydney and Finland, but this is her first show in Kiama and at the Art Bar.

‘FLOWERS AND WORDS’ is a collection of paintings of Hela’s favourite sources of inspiration: flowers (nature) and poetry.

Hela’s works are born through inspiration and intuition.

It is hard to believe that these delicate, soul reaching paintings are often created with some-what violent methods. Sandpaper, window scraper, aluminium, staples and metal wire are all purposefully incorporated in Hela’s techniques and paintings on thick linen.

With Hela’s unique ability to transfer deep emotion through her paintings, this is definitely an exhibition that must be seen and FELT, in person.

The exhibition opens at the Little Blowhole Art Bar on Thursday the 8th of June at 5.30PM and runs until the 8th of July 2017. We do hope that you can make it to the opening night to see the show in all its beauty first hand.

Opening Night | Thursday 8 June 2017, 5.30 – 7 pm

Exhibition | 8 June to 8 July 2017



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