Complete Picture Framing Business | For Sale

Bob Shaw is retiring and so is now selling his picture framing business.

Contact | Bob on 0417781490 for information and inspection at Kiama

The sale includes:

  • Business name | Aspiration Images
  • Website and Domain name – ($240 pa for hosting)
  • Software, developed in house. Generates quotes and allows a user to
    upload a file and see a preview of the work matted and framed from which
    they can order directly. Photographers can also add a “Custom Framing” link
    on their own website direct to yours. Your customers can be anywhere.
  • Mailing List Database.

All equipment including:

  • Cassese CS 55M Foot operated Guillotine. This cuts framing material
    length to size accurately without the noise or dust of a saw. Includes manual
    and spare guillotine blade set.
  • Frame moulding material. Approximately 300 metres of various types.
  • Cassese CS88 Underpinner for joining frames. Foot operated. No
    compressed air required. Includes many boxes of V nails.
  • Keencut Excalibur Vertical cutter. Cuts matboard, glass, foamboard and
    MDF to size. Includes spare blades and glass cutting wheels.
  • Glass – normal clear glass, Reflection control glass, Conservation glass
    and Conservation Reflection Control glass. (Conservation glass is incredibly
  • Keencut Ultimat Gold matboard cutter. Cuts windows in matboard.
  • Matboard material – White, black and many colours. Hundreds of sheets
    plus foamboard in sticky and plain.
  • Ademco 600mm press for rolling prints onto board.
  • Shrink Wrap machine 500mm.
  • Wrapping Paper dispenser.
  • Laminating Machine.
  • Matboard holder (which forms table for laminator)
  • Double row shelving 1.8m x 1.2m three shelves high which holds
    matboards and machines.
  • Various tools including 2 pointing tools, canvas stretcher, tapes, screws,
    clips, mounting hardware, corner samples, corner protectors, etc
  • 2 boxes of books on framing
  • Box of cut glass in A4, 10×8 and 7×5 sizes.

Cost | $12,000 complete.

  • Optional Epson 3880 Printer recently serviced. $500 ($1000 with RIP)

I will include training and assistance to setup (sorry, no lifting) and some
customisation of the website to your requirements.

Does not include copyright to any of my photographs or software developed.

The purchaser must confirm all details by inspection at Kiama.

  • Cassese CS 55M Foot Operated Guillotine
    The CS 55M Foot Operated Guillotine is the best “chopper” you have ever
    seen and incorporates all the quality standards and experience of Cassese in
    the production of picture framing machinery.
    § Accurate user-friendly foot operated chopper
    § Patented spring loaded rabbet supports allow quick and accu-rate height
    adjustment. Quicker to set and safer to use than regular screw type
    § Reversible blades for maximum cutting life
    § Blade locator pins for safer blade changes
    § Measuring scales are in 4 different colors making them easier to follow
    and use.
    § Direct read measuring scales. Measurement taken directly from
    moulding in one easy step.
    § Fence locator pins give an accurate 45° cut every time.
    § Tool-less blade height adjustment
    § Dust free. No dust collection needed
    § No electrical connection required
    § Protective acrylic safety guard

CS55M KIT (CATCS55MKIT) Includes:

  • Cassese Chopper with Standard Blades installed
  • 1 set Reversible Blades
  • 72” long 4 colour Measuring Table
  • Cassese Video

Note: – It does not include the optional double length cutting accessory shown
at the end of the video. That would only be a benefit if you were producing
many frames of the same size, but even so you would just produce all the
same size at the same time, which is what I do.

Cassese CS88 Underpinner

  • Foot operated pedal operation
  • Unique pulley and cable drive design system – multiplies the foot pedal
    force more than 3 times
  • Tool-less quick-change cartridge wedge loading system
  • Patented self adjusting fences adaptable to any moulding
  • Two positioning stops allowing wedges to be stacked
  • Horizontal rebate clamp
  • Adjustable joining angle
  • Triangular table design, adaptable to the corner of a workbench
  • Quiet operation – no noise issues from pneumatic compressors

Keencut Excalibur Vertical Cutting machine.
With a maximum cutting capacity of 163cm (62”) Excalibur is equipped to
safely and accurately cut Glass – PVC Foamboard – Foamcore – Cardboard –
Acrylic (Plexiglas) –and many more rigid and semi-rigid materials that can be
cut with a knife blade.
(NOTE – This is not the same model, but similar)

Keencut Ultimat Gold mat board cutter.

  • Cuts mat board up to 1200 mm wide.
  • Straight or Bevel cut.

Keencut Ultimat Gold is an extremely technically advanced, versatile and
easy to use manual Mat Cutter and will meet the exacting requirements of the
most skilled and creative framer and please the most critical engineer. It is
tough – precise – built to last and extra comfortable to use.

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