Kiama Unity Project

UnityPenny is putting putting out the call to finalise volunteer helpers for the UNITY project. Can you help?

Thursday 27th April daytime:
Penny needs a small group of willing workers to help me install 36 x steel picket posts. This will be an opportunity for anyone who wants to flex their muscles and pretend they have joined the circus for the day, installing stuff in a carnival atmosphere…

Seriously, if you have a picket driver and are willing to lend it or help use it please let me know!!

Black Beach, Kiama

Friday 28th April daytime:
Come and sit in the circle and have a chat, wind some balls of wool ready for the event on the weekend. Only if it’s nice weather. Otherwise it will be at Penny’s.

Saturday 29th April the main event:
I need volunteers to help talk to the public, hand out maps of the event space, let people know how to participate. Assist with anyone getting in a tangle. Smile and have conversations about community…. the shifts will be:

10am – 12noon (set up)
12 noon – 2pm
2pm – 5pm finish

Sunday 30th April
As Saturday but the shifts are:

9am – 11am
11am – 1pm
1pm – 3pm
3pm – 5pm – will include cutting down the weaving at 4:30pm
5pm – help me pack up – will include taking the pickets out.

And please do come by with your family and friends and take part if you can!

If you haven’t a clue what this blog post is talking about please take a look at or for all the info about this interactive community art event that I am making happen!

If you can help, please let Penny know your T-shirt size as you will be supplied with a KISS Arts Festival t-shirt. And coffee will be supplied to all!!

Contact Penny on 0449 373 879

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