KISS AirSaturday 29 April | 12 to 5pm and
Sunday 30 April | 10am to 3pm

Calling all artists!

The Project:

The 2017 KISS Arts Festival A.I.R. KISS tent will house the Sketch-o-Rama Studio where you can draw your favourite KISS Arts performers who will model, answer your questions, and otherwise engage your graphic imagination. You don’t need to know how to draw–there will be local artists present to coach and encourage you.

This is a rare opportunity to try your hand at sketching people, some possibly scantily clad, in a distinctive setting. Materials will be provided but feel free to bring your own.

The Need:

A.I.R. KISS needs some helpers and some materials

We need artist volunteers to draw and to coach the drawing. Different styles and approaches welcome. Bring old drawing to show because that will get people interested. Also think about sharing a drawing tip or doing a little demo every once in a while to keep things moving. Bring pictures of your favourite (clothed) figure drawings to show and tell.

Organiser Paula Gowans would like to know if you are coming, but it isn’t necessary. You can just show up.

Please email or call 0412503881 or PM

See the KISS Arts Website

Post and keep updated on the KISS Arts Facebook page

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