Invitation to Register…

January 4th to 8th 2017
Woden, Canberra ACT

Summer Art Experience with tutor Ken Tucker

Acrylics – Expanding Your Horizons

This workshop is ideal for beginners, medium or advanced students/artists.

Expand your artistic horizons by painting larger scale artworks whilst learning practical skills (min. size canvases &/or 600gsm watercolour papers: 60 x 90cm).

Spend creative days exploring the properties of acrylic (non toxic) aerosol sprays as a technique to composing an under painting. There after by incorporating inks, painting mediums, sprays and a variety
of drawing utensils, these under paintings can be transformed into abstract, impressionistic, or realistic works of art displaying vibrant hues and an exciting ascetic.

You will be able to detail a personal uniqueness into your own artworks, by composition, colour palette and tones inspired and sourced from a selection of your own personal photos or ideas.

Ken Tucker has dedicated the past 35 years to honing his craft of creating visual art. From early on in his childhood, Ken knew he possessed the ability to draw. That essential grounding gave him a confidence to pursue his lifelong passion of painting and creating. Primarily self-taught, Ken drew inspiration from studying techniques of the masters he greatly admired such as Monet, Streeton, Roberts and Brett Whitely.

Over the years Ken’s painting proficiency in oils and acrylics have seen him frequently awarded. He is a highly sought after commissioned artist, motivational speaker, tutor and guest judge at art competitions.

Ken and his wife create in and sell from their home based studio“Two Gulls Gallery” in Kiama NSW.


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