Kiama Kick’s A***

I have always been happy to sing the praises of the many extremely talented artists we have in Kiama, I will wax lyrical anywhere, anytime to anyone. But the past few months has blown me away – though has not surprised me in the least.

Congratulations to everyone, nobody operates in complete isolation and we have a great community!

We have an amazing, crazy, joyful, dedicated, skillful, talented, exciting, evolving, connected, collaborative and devilishly creative arts community and industry and I am so enormously proud to be a part of it. 

These awards and acknowledgements are simply the outward expression of what we already know is here.

Since August 2016 the Kiama Arts community has seen:

  • Anita Larkin selected for exhibition at The Blake Prize for her work The Breath Within Me
  • Pete Izzard nominated as:
    • a finalist for the William and Winifred Bowness Photographic Prize for his photo Jaffa Gets the Ball
    • one of 12 photographers selected for a people’s vote to have his photo Icelandic Horse be published in the National Geographic magazine – he came in second by only a few votes.
  • The Little Blowhole Art Bar taking our the Outstanding Small Business Award in the Kiama Electorate Community Regional Awards
  • Gitte Backhausen nominated as a finalist in the Warringah Art Prize
  • Ryan North win the Junior category of the Australian Geographic Nature Photography for his photo Rockpool
  • Megan Seres win the Moran Portrait Prize for her portrait Colonial Girl
  • The Escalators win the Australian Independent Music Awards, Jazz Artist of the Year
  • Alan Baxter included in the Australian Horror Writers Association celebratory 10 year anthology ‘Dead of Night’

If I have missed anyone please let me know.

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