Artist Gathering

The Artist Gathering scheduled for this Thursday has been rescheduled!

Over the past few years Council has been working towards the development of a new Arts Centre for Kiama. In 2014 Council undertook a site assessment of four potential sites for such a centre and the existing Old Fire Station and Community Centre in Hindmarsh Park were both recommended.

In early 2016 Council contracted BHI Architects to develop plans for both the Joyce Wheatley Community Centre and the Old Fire Station sites. We are now holding a community consultation workshop to critique and provide further input on the design brief to the architects.

Please bring your ideas and feedback ready for a workshop style consultation Tuesday 25 October from 5.30pm to 7.30pm @ the Old Fire Station Community Arts Centre, Terralong St, Kiama.

You will also meet Mark Hitchcock from BHI Architects who will be developing the plans for the Centre.

Food and drink will be provided

Booking here

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  1. While pleased that council wishes to create an Arts Centre I am very concerned that this appears to be now not an additional facility, but rather coming at the expense of existing facilities in the form of the Old Fire Station and The Community Centre.

    The Old Fire Station is one of the few assessable facilities for local artists to exhibit their works. It is a main tourist attraction in the CBD and is clearly heritage listed. It is also (or should be ) continuously booked showing that it is not an underused facility.

    Artists in this area need new facilities and the Ambulance Station and various council owned under utilised buildings were mooted as options.

    – Bob Shaw, owner and operator of Kiama Arts Trail and Aspiration Images.

  2. Thanks. I would love to come to the consultation but I will be in Victoria on that date. I therefore wanted to raise the issue. I may well have incorrect assumptions. Possibly these venues are to be extended. It was the word “existing” that raised the alarms.

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