South Coast Writers Centre Internship project

Friederike Krishnabhakdi Vasilakis-Director South Coast Writers

I am writing to you hoping that you can support our fundraising campaign called, CREATE A FUTURE FOR YOUNG WRITERS which went live on 11th August 2016.Within 40 days, we aim to raise $33,000. The money will help the annual roll out of a unique literary program in the region by supporting our fantastic internship program. We want to go forward in our role as an important literary agency on the South Coast that offers a real pathway to employment for young creatives.

At the South Coast Writers Centre, up to nine interns (UOW students) come through the program each year. These great minds act as pillars of the Centre, by helping with the running of a program of up to 77 regional events and 15 additional projects. In return, the South Coast Writers Centre provides invaluable job training across all facets of an arts organisation.

Our internship program works:

The high success rate of students who find employment in their chosen field builds on the work experience and skills graduates have developed at the Centre. To continue this in a sustainable and meaningful way, we need more funding for better facilities and a mentorship program for the interns.

This is why support from you and your friends and colleagues is vital. Can you pledge $5, $10 or $50 or more  towards the cause?

With your support we can buy equipment such as chairs, desks, laptops and create a mentorship program that includes professional training such as additional workshops, seminars and supervision for at least one and a half years.  We can only do this with the support from people like you.

Please join our campaign and help us carry on with a comprehensive literary program in the region, while supporting the professional development of young writers.

Please click here to find out how you can be part:

 We would appreciate it if you could send the link to your networks. Please note: all donations over $2 are tax deductable!

If you prefer to donate by cheque please make out to the cheque to the South Coast Writers Centre, reference [F] (for fundraiser on back) or donate via bank transfer:  Commonwealth Bank, BSB: 062 624, acc. No. 1036 4579 and reference your name and [F] (for fundraiser).

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