Image: Choosing Worldlines by Shining Rainbow

An exploration of the spiritual in art.

Celebrating diversity in spiritual expression through visual art, performance and workshops.

An exhibition featuring IAVA artists Moira Kirkwood, Robert Reid, Greer Taylor, Kate Stehr, Liz Jeneid, Libby Bloxham and Alena Kennedy.

Plus artists Sr. Veronica Chandler, Wendy Dening, Shining Rainbow, Lorraine Allen, Mardijah Simpson and Rosa Daniela Diaz.

Guest Speaker: Mitchell Reese

When: Friday 15th to Sunday 17th July, 2016.
Open times: Friday: 6 – 9pm; Saturday & Sunday: 10am to 4pm.

Where: Hillside Gallery: Hillside Farm, 295 Sheaffes Road, Dombarton, 2530 (west of Dapto).

Friday 15th July:
Exhibition opening: 6 – 9pm

Saturday 16th July:
10.30am to 12 noon | Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls workshop & performance with Elizabeth Brandis. Bring mat, cushion & blanket.

12 noon – 1pm | Lunch (contribute a plate or bring your own lunch if you are attending).

1pm – 2pm | Inspirational walk on Hillside Farm (15 mins easy to medium grade walk followed by 30 mins relaxing/quiet time on the hill). Wear clothes & shoes suitable for a bushwalk.

2pm – 3 or 4pm | Creative art making (or writing) workshop: choice of writing; mandala drawing or collage; or 3D sculpture construction (with Libby & Alena)

Sunday 17th July:
10.00am – 11.00am | Tai Chi Workshop with Rusel Last.

11.30am – 12 noon | Argentinian Drumming performance by Illawarra’s OWN Heartbeats.

12 noon – 1pm | Lunch (contribute a plate or bring your own lunch if you are attending).

1pm – 2pm | Argentinian Drumming workshop with Barbara Malcolm from OWN.

2pm – 3 or 4pm | Inspirational Walk on Hillside Farm and/or creative work in art or writing with Libby and Alena. Wear clothes & shoes suitable for a bushwalk OR Laughter Workshop with Annemarie Vanags.

  • Exhibition and Workshops are free but a donation will help to cover costs.
  • All workshops are suitable for beginners.
  • Bring your own lunch. Cakes, coffee and tea are for sale at the gallery.
  • Please no stilettos.
  • Hillside Farm is a private property. Please walk on the property only with a designated guide.
  • Please RSVP and if you intend to join the workshops. You can also email us with inquiries.

Follow Sheaffes Road (off West Dapto Road) for 4 kms until you see the boom gate with sign “Hillside Farm”. Pass through and continue up the hill, following the signs. Hillside Gallery is about 300m directly ahead at the next road intersection which goes right. Look for gallery sign. Parking is on the left.

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