Sculptures at Killalea

Shellharbour City Council are very excited to be sponsoring a new event for Shellharbour – Sculptures at Killalea!

Check out the info below supplied by the organisers and get in touch to be involved. There are also opportunities for artists who don’t work in a sculptural medium at the Artist Alley market or other installations during the event.

On October 10 we are looking to launch the inaugural Sculptures @ Killalea, a week-long festival designed to feature some of countries best sculptors along with a number of local and community based artists.

We are currently calling out to potential exhibitors who are interested in showcasing their works at the event and as a local artist we wanted to make sure you got first dibs.

In addition to being seen by the thousands of people who are anticipated to enter through the gates of the Killalea State Park, we are also currently working on several cash prizes which will be on offer across a number of categories.

We hope to be able to finalise the details regarding prize money, categories and cut-off dates later this week but in the interim, you can visit the website for a better feel of the event and more information on the destination.

We are now calling out for artists who are interested in being part of the event and encourage you to get in touch at to find out more.


Hosted within the grounds of the popular Killalea State Park in Shellharbour, Sculptures @ Killalea will be a showcase of some of the region’s best artists along with a number of exhibitors from around the country.

This inaugural multi-day event will be free to the general public and is expected to attract thousands of visitors and their families into the region and more importantly into the gates of the stunning state park.

The vision is to see this become a regular addition to the regions event calendar and welcome world class artists and increased visitation year-on-year to bolster the tourism industry and injection of vital visitor spend into the local community.


Just 90 minutes south of Sydney and two-and-a-half hours from Canberra, Killalea State Park, affectionately known as ‘The Farm’, is a popular destination for families to enjoy the outdoors and we will be utilising two of these trails to showcase a number of artworks.

The exhibition will be set up on two trails – an all inclusive 5km track (below) or a family friendly 1km trail that will be easily accessible for those with prams and/or wheelchairs.


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