Natural dance classes for adults

When | Thursdays

Time | 2-3 pm

Dates | 5 May to 23 June (8 weeks)

Where | Tahlia Newland’s studio in Foxground.

The first class is $10, so you can see how you like it, and if you want to continue, then you can sign up and pay for the other 7 classes.

What sort of classes are they?

It’s natural dance, because the movements are natural to a normal body, and it’ll be good for you even if you’re ninety.

Class structure:

  • Simple jazz steps and isolations to get warmed up.
  • Disco dancing routines from the seventies and eighties. They’re a bit like Zumba—energetic, easy and fun.
  • Core strengthening exercises for the back and pelvic floor.
  • Follow the leader patterns where you can copy my steps or do your own version of the same thing.
  • If you’ve done belly dancing or circle dancing or line dancing and would like to share some steps, we’ll do that, or some creative dance. You’re welcome to bring a piece of music you’d like to dance to for this.
  • Cool down with some nice relaxing stretches.

Where? My studio in Free Selector’s Rd, Foxground.

It’s a beautiful spot and a lovely drive, only 6 kms from the highway, twelve to fifteen minutes from Gerringong.

About me

In the late seventies and eighties I was a dancer. I’ve studied jazz, primitive, modern, ballet, acting, mask, clowning and a little belly dancing, and I taught Jazz dance in Christchurch, NZ from 1976 to 1978. In Sydney in the eighties, I performed with the One Extra Dance Company and ran dance classes at Black Wattle Studio, an artists co-operative in Glebe, where my classes had a free-form element, not always stuck in the teacher-in-front-students-in-rows-behind format. From 1988 to 2003, I made my living as a visual theatre artist doing a combination of dancing, mine, clowning and mask work. You can see some videos of my performing past on my mask website.

At sixty I’ve slowed down a bit; I’ve also learned a lot more about a lot of things, including bodies, and I now earn my living as an author, freelance editor, online meditation coach and mask-maker specialising in steampunk masks and accessories.  I live in Foxground with my husband and two Burmese cats who have their own cat column on my blog.


Please email me at tahlia (at) tahlianewland (dot) com

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