Flugelman Sculpture | More Community Consultation

Last month Council sought community feedback on four sites for the location of the Bert Flugelman sculpture. While many of you responded, thank you to everyone who did, we received mixed and inconclusive results.

So we are now asking for a bit more of your time to give us your thoughts on the three shortlisted locations which include a new site at Surf Beach, Kiama.

All feedback is anonymous and confidential.

Closing date | Friday 6 November 2015 Important

You can access the online survey here

Note: The following pictures are indicative only. The location and orientation of the sculpture on the site may differ on final installation.



3 thoughts on “Flugelman Sculpture | More Community Consultation

  1. I dont believe that this piece of art should be displayed anywhere what a waste of money.You put up a notice on kiama community page have you read any of the comments maybe you should.I know that any negative feedback is not going to make a difference to your decision but really what were you thinking.


  2. Goodmorning. Could you please maybe place the artwork set back from the coastline. I feel if people are taking photos of our beaitiful views it will be an obstruction in their photos. Maybe in the middle of the roundabout as you drive into town? I also feel that it may become a climbing frame for young children. Good luck with your choices.
    Kind regards


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