NAVA | Call to action for artists and arts organisations 

Picture1In the May 2015 Federal Budget, the Government announced that $104.8M will be removed over four years from the Australia Council’s funding. Instead these funds will be used to establish a new ‘National Programme for Excellence in the Arts’. Read the facts here.

In response the Australia Council has announced suspension of the June round of its six year-funding program and that they will no longer offer the Art Start, Creative Communities Partnerships Initiative and Artists in Residence Programs.

The reduction in Australia Council funding will impact badly on individual artists and the small to medium arts organisations which are the engine room for supporting Australian innovative contemporary arts practice. This could result in a loss of employment for the many people who work in these private and public arts small businesses. The arts makes a substantial contribution both to the economy and the social and cultural well being of the community.

In light of this news here are some actions you can take.


NAVA asks that you send the open letter digitally to Senator the Hon George Brandis QC, Minister for the Arts. You may also wish to send a version of this letter to your
– your Senate representative and
– your local member

You may wish to include the following:

  • describe the value of the cultural goods and services you deliver to the community which results from the government’s investment in the arts
  • tell them any other concerns you have about the Arts Budget and risks and/or problems it will cause for you

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