Ok folks, it’s time to book in…

You’ve heard about it, I know you’re out there talking about it, because you’ve been telling me you are, but now you have do something about it…

ArtsBiz I Have a DreamThe 2015 Arts Biz Conference is only two weeks away.

What will you get out of the conference?

  • you will have access to some top notch speakers on; marketing, accounting, arts law and much more (but don’t worry this isn’t going to be a day of just listening to other people make boring speeches)
  • you will get the chance to spend quality time meeting and talking with other artists across a range of genres
  • you will get to talk about arts project ideas and maybe even develop your idea and create new partnerships
  • you will see and experience local music, visual and performing arts
  • you will experience beautiful locally prepared food
  • you will have a great day immersed in our local rich, talented and exciting arts community

Where | The Pavilion Kiama, Bong Bong St

When | Friday 1 May, 9am to 3pm

Cost | $30

How | Book here

Who are the guest speakers? what is the program? where do I book? Find out here


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