Arts Law Centre Advice Clinic | Friday 1 May 2015

The Arts Law Centre of Australia will be presenting on Artists’ Rights on the day of the Arts Biz Conference.

If you have a legal question which you would like to ask, Arts Law can book you in for a face to face advice clinic in the afternoon after the conference.

To enquire about this, please contact Arts Law on (02) 9356 2566 or lodge a legal query form on their website, indicating you will be at the Arts Biz conference.

Suzanne Derry will also be one of our guest speakers at the Arts Biz Conference.

Suzanne is a senior lawyer at the Arts Law Centre of Australia and has worked with Arts Law for over 7 years. Suzanne studied Contemporary Arts and Law (Hons) and has worked for numerous community legal centres and a boutique entertainment law practice. Suzanne has the privilege of working with artists on a day to day basis, providing legal advice on a number of areas of law including copyright, contract, defamation, debt and business structures.


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