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stilllife.poster.ws_WINNER – 2013 VENICE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Art Cinema Prize for Best Film, Best Director (Horizons) &
Pasinetti Critics’ Prize
WINNER – 2014 VOICES FILM FESTIVAL – Grand Prix & Best Actor

Don’t ignore the quiet ones; this film hides a tenderness and humanity that is extraordinarily powerful

A delightful and tender tale of a man who cares for the lonely dead, this film – which won Best Film at last year’s Venice Film Festival – is so far from the action-orientated Hollywood blockbuster that it’s an important reminder of just how wonderfully diverse filmmaking can be. Contemplative and graceful, it’s also a showcase for English character actor Eddie Marsan who plays John May, a council worker who has – for 22 years – been looking after the affairs of those who have died alone: people with no friends or family to decide what to do with possessions, body or memories.

In a turn that pays tribute to thousands of unremembered lives, Marsan’s performance could hardly be more perfect. It’s in large part thanks to his wonderful work that Still Life resonates to the degree that it does. If more filmmakers entrusted their projects to actors like Marsan, their movies would be all the better for it.


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Tickets go on sale at Gerringong Town Hall at 7.30pm with the film starting at 8.00pm. After the film, stay for our Gerringong Pics and Flicks world famous Tea, Coffee and Cakes ($3.00) and take the time to discuss the film or anything else you like in a relaxed social atmosphere.

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2 thoughts on “Gerringong Pics and Flicks | Still Life

  1. I’d love to see this movie. What date is it on? It would be really handy for those of us not living in Gerringong to have the dates in the publicity for Pics and Flicks, please!


    1. Aviva, good point! bit hard to attend if you don’t know when its on. According to their blog site it is the first Friday of each month, except Jan. So that would make this one on Friday 5 Dec.
      Louise 🙂


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