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Christine Paice
Christine Paice

Christine Paice is a national award winning poet and writer.

A long time member of The South Coast Writer’s Centre, Christine’s work has been read on ABC Jazz Alive, and on ABC Radio Poetica. She has published two poetry collections, Mad Oaks and Staring At The Aral Sea (Ginninderra Press), and one children’s book, The Great Rock Whale (Hachette Australia 2009). She worked as poetry editor and political writer on Old Trout, an American-based literary review. In 2004 she was a runner up in the Newcastle Poetry Prize. Her poem, “The Ministry of Going In”, won the Josephine Ulrick Poetry Award in 2009. In 2010 she wrote “Collecting The Collector” as the Janet Cosh Poet at the University of Wollongong.

She has been published four times in Black Inc Best Australian Poems series. Currently she facilitates creative writing and poetry workshops, and works as a mentor and manuscript assessor. Her poem, “The Quality of Light” was short listed for the Blake National Poetry Award in 2013.

The Word Ghost (Allen & Unwin 2014) is her first novel. She lives with her family in Willow Vale, New South Wales.

The following poem is a quote from a main character of Christine Paice’s new novel, The Word Ghost. It is a quote of the word ghost himself, Algernon Keats.

While She Sleeps

I wait for her to find the words

I have not written.

And I wait for her to find them.

And I see the substance of her soul

Shining in the beauty of the night.

And I wait.

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